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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them"  Matthew 18:20  (NIV).  What greater privilege could we have than to come into the presence of the Lord?


Worship is a great joy for the true child of God. It is an opportunity to come before God and express our gratitude for the greatness of God and the salvation that He has given as a gift to us.


Berea Baptist Church provides numerous avenues to worship God. Along with two Worship Services on Sunday morning, there are opportunities during the week for Bible Study, and there is no finer way to praise God than by lifting your voices to God in one of our Church Choirs.


Church Bulletin:     


  • 2019 

    • May

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Sunday Morning Worship Service


  •   9:00 AMWorship Service

  • 10:00 AMSunday School

  • 11:00  AMWorship Service

  • 11:00  AMChildren's Worship Service

                  (3 Yrs. Old - 4th Grade)



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